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Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Warrior Heir

"The Warrior Heir is a great book for those of us who like magic and fighting. It's all about a boy named Jack in a small Ohio town who, at birth, had a heart surgery that saved his life. In high school, he discovers that his world is not what is seems: he is a warrior, called Weirlind, who has a strain of magic which applies specifically to fighting. The warring wizards covet warriors for their tournament (the Game), which decides the rulers of the wizard world. Nothing is as it seems."
Reviewed by Kaitlyn at

The thing about this book was I bought it because I didn't think I would like it. The prologue PULLED ME IN. It breifly discussed the life of a child in the 1850's or something name Lee, and he comes home to find his brother ripped in half, his father's body in the fireplace and his mother holding knitting tools, but she's knitting nothing. Then we meet GOOD OL' JACK. I couldn't help picturing a little young version of Jack Nicholson.
But anyway, he's some 16 year old who has to take medicine. He forgets it one day in a rush to get to school, and during soccer tryouts Jack loses his temper and sends a player flying across the field. I found it very intriguing.
ENTER THE WEIRD AUNT. Linda. She takes Jack and two of his friends on a goose chase to dig up dead relatives, and THAT'S when you find out about who Jack really is. All these mysterious people linger around Jack's friends, home and school, following him and such. He's a Warrior, a rare breed of Weirlind, and The Red and White Rose want him. So Jack must learn from his teacher Coach Hastings which you figure out is actually Lee. The thing I liked the most is you really can't tell who to trust. I predicted that this old man was a wizard because of his intrigue of keeping Jack safe, but other than that, I didn't see it coming.
It's very intriguing and there's a fair amount of violence and late night chills for you. I stayed up until 4 am reading it because I was so transfixed. I'm not done yet, but I'm really enjoying it. I also bought Wizard's Heir, the sequel to Warrior's Heir, and I can't wait to read it.

Quickie update: Jack and Linda were on the run from the creepy Dr. Longbranch (nice Indian name). She has a thing for Jack and calls his body beautiful. They run into a church, cause apparently magic doesn't work in there. Before they get in church, Jack's shoulder is hit by a....hmm. The best way to explain is is a magical dagger. It doesn't break the skin, but it does internal damage. Linda calls Hastings to heal him so they can escape, and Hastings comes and cured Jack when he's about to die. Linda then tells Hastings to take Jack and run and she will stall them. Jack's friends come by later and show Linda a news clipping from the 1900's about how a boy name Lee Hastens found the body of a female with a hole in her chest. Linda realizes that Hastings (who was Lee Hastens) is out to get Jack and steal him for himself in a fight. I'm not sure if he plans to kill him, rip out the stone from his heart, or use him in a fight, but it's really exciting.


  1. Small-town Ohio kids unite!

    (btw You're still not putting commas between tag words)

  2. Oh. Thanks for that. Ohio kids? hahaha