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Friday, August 21, 2009

Joo Ji Hoon and Lee Dong Wook off for duty and Daesung news

SIGH. Two famous actors are leaving us to go to their mandatory 2 year service in the army. Joo Ji Hoon enlisted and is expected to go later this year, while Lee Dong Wook is expected to go in a few short weeks. He just finished his newest drama Partner and filming his new movie.
Joo Ji Hoon, who is known to play Prince Shin in the legendary 'Goong' drama, has caused much uproar with fans. I wish these boys the best and I hope they stay safe.

Now I wanted to get on to the good news. Daesung, member of the Korean wave boy band Big Bang, was in a car crash recently on the 12th, breaking both arms and fracturing his nose and a bone near his eye. The operation was a success. Daesung has apparently been recovering pretty well in the aftermath and will be discharged sometime next week.

YG Entertainment expressed that because of Daesung's spinal injury, he is still having difficulty moving around properly. But Daesung has already regained his appetite to that before his accident, and is looking forward to getting back on his feet again. We all hope to once again see Daesung's smiling face. We love you Daesung! Stay strong!

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