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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jaebeom: Leader from 2PM~

I realized that I hadn't posted today and almost went berserk. I've been watching 2PM interviews for the past 2 days straight, so take a look at my obsession:

Jaebeom. He has the Godly body of the Korean world, and he's only 23! (April 25th. Blood type A....) I love him so much. I was watching 'Idol Show', which is a SUPER popular Korean show with Boom as the host (He's hilarious.) What I thought was funny was that Boom has a thing for Jaebeom, which I think is funny. During the season finale, Boom approached Jaebeom and tackled him to the floor and started coming on to him. The other 6 members saved him, and Boom DRUNKENLY answered, "I like him a lot."
XD I love him to death and I think he's such a dork. Despite his muscular body and intimidating first appearance (I was intimidated when I first saw him. Like, seriously.), he's really shy and sexy, and also kind of cutely awkward.

Example of shyness: The members said that he had the best body, and when everyone looked at him, he pursed his lips and looked down with a cute little smile. LUFF!
Example of sexiness: His dancing. Once he gets on the dance floor, nothing can stop him. He can do backflips and such because he practices acrobatics a lot. Plus, the SIX PACK! DUH. (And one time he was wearing a shirt that you could see his six pack outline and I was drooling the whole time.)
Example of cutely awkwardness: On a talk show, the lady asked him to introduce himself, and he was like, "Hello. I am Jaebeom of 2PM. Hello." And he smiled a little and opened his eyes wider and looked around for a few seconds. All the members started laughing at him and he looked confused. X"D

I think it's also cute because he's the shortest and leanest member, and anyone can pick him up because he's so light.

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