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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fly to the Sky- In Memory of

Left: Fany Hwang Right: Brian Joo

Fly to the Sky debuted in 1999, and after 10 years in the music industry, they have split apart. With their subsequent albums, they solidified their status as R&B artists and are credited as the first R&B duo of South Korea.

They're hit song "Like a Man" rose them to fame and they continued to have success throughout South Korea until they split. Though I haven't listened to them since 1999, I've heard their music transitions from 2005 to 2009. Though they have split, the two remain best friends and contact each other often. I hope their solo careers will be as bright as they want it to be.

Fly to the Sky (1999-2009) In Memory of. Live on forever. R.I.P.

The actual song starts at like, 1:55 or something. And don't ask what the video means. I think I have a rough idea, but it's just too complicated.

Lower voice: Fany Hwang
Higher voice: Brian Joo

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