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Friday, August 28, 2009

Please Don't Go, Strong Baby, I Don't Care and the first week of school

Beautiful live version of Onew (left) and Jonghyun (right) duet Please Don't Go. Keep in mind that they're both only 19. o.O

This is a dance song called Strong Baby by member Seungri of Big Bang.

Hit song from 2NE1, the girl group that's taking over the music charts

Sigh. First week of being a senior. I was so tired today it was ridiculous. After I post this I plan to go take a NICE. LONG. NAP. And I'm really regretting doing this "Habitat for Humanity" thing that I signed up for. Hey, I'm ALL for helping, but it's so early in the morning and I want to sleep in... TT_TT

Well, for anyone who cares I posted those songs. Goodnight.

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