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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dong Bang Shin Ki Update~ Disbanding?

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Finland, Japan, UK, USA, Peru, Brunei, France, Sri Lanka, Egypt... These are where the letters poured in to DBSK, all saying the same thing: 'Forever as 5' and 'Always keep the faith.'. From all over the world, over 5,000,000 fans are in a rage.
Since the lawsuit, Super Junior, Girl's Generation and other Korean groups have spoken out about the unfairness of SM Entertainment as well. Stocks in SM have dropped over 20% due to DBSK's lawsuit and the entire South Korean music industry is in an uproar.
Jaejoong and Yoochun have already decided to take on the Japanese market as a duet by the name of 'Jejung and Yuchun from TVXQ.' The two revealed their duet song at the Tokyo Dome performance in early July. The song, 'COLORS ~Melody&Harmony~' will be released as a single in September and the two members are planning to attend tv programs to promote the song. Junsu is still considering his choices such as a solo album. A representative of SM stated, "Xiah Junsu was actually the first to embark on solo activities when he appeared in the 2007 mobile phone commercial 'Anyband'," and "He will choose between the Korean and Japanese stage and is currently decided what he will do. Changmin and Yunho are focussing on their acting careers, and producers are noticing their increasingly hard work.

According to the official statement put out by the three members,
"Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoon and Park Yoochun have been going back and forth Korea, Japan and China ever since their debut in 2004 and have been getting 3~4 hours of sleep per night, except for one week in a year, to complete their schedules."
SM Entertainment also lied about their vacation, claiming it was "one month long", when in reality it was about 7-10 days.

There are also rumors spreading that Cassiopeia, the official fan group has been gathering and plan to start a riot. Rumors also are rotating that the representatives and leaders of Cassiopeia have been getting together. It is unconfirmed.

Personally, I am very worried about our boys. I say this because like many people, their music has changed my life. I adore them, their personalities, music, and every hair on their head. SM Entertainment needs to get over themselves and give DBSK what they deserve. This is an outrage.
But DBSK knows they have support all around the world. Forever as 5!!! Always keep the faith!!! WE LOVE YOU DONG BANG SHIN KI!!!!!!!

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