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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Big Bang Album/Style Change Review

Review at the bottom.

RELEASE 2009.08.19 (TODAY)
SIZE 82.6mb/320kbps

2.ガラガラ GO!!
3.Bringing You Love
6.Top Of The World
7.Follow Me
8.Baby Baby -Japanese Version-

10.Love Club
11.Always -Japanese Version-

Korean Singles: I think this is where their new style started.
Japanese singles:
  • 1st: MY HEAVEN (June 24, 2009)
  • 2nd: ガラガラ GO!! (July 8, 2009)
So anyway. I'll review the singles first. Okay. So 'My Heaven' is probably my least favorite from their new style. Sorry, Big Bang.
Rating: C

Okay. Gara Gara Go was amazing. Gara Gara Go has a nice beat and catchy. 'Top of the World', another song on the single, is one of my favorite songs to date by them. The beat is also catchy, but it has a really soft feel to it becuase of the voices. I'm listening to it now, acutally. "I MISS YOU!! TOP OF THE WORLD!!" If you're a Big Bang fan and for some reason haven't heard this, then DO IT. Now, 'Stylish' is the last song on the single. I like this song a lot too, but the beat is a lot harsher than the rest of the single. I'm not saying it's bad. Because it's not. It's pretty awesome. It just doesn't fit with the others songs.
Rating: B+

Now Korean singles. Okay. Taeyang and TOP's single "Friend" is definately a new revelation. It was released as. what I think, starts their new style. The sing is soft, but it's a popish song. It fits really well with Taeyang's soft voice, but also with TOP's really low one. It's definately a success.
Rating: A

G-Dragon. I haven't listened to the whole thing (Yes, shame on me, blah blah.) It came out yesterday, so...I'e heard most of it though. His songs Breathe and Heartbreaker are very nice and they suit his voice. But, the thing I don't get it why they call it a 'mini album' when it was 11 songs on it. In Korea and Japan and even China, a mini album has like, 5 or 6 on it. I don't know. I also really like Butterfly. The song I'm not fond of is 'Korean Dream'. It kinda freaks me out. I also sort of like 'The Leaders'. It's one of those songs that you need to listen to more to like it more, I guess. Since I haven't listened to the whole thing, I'll rate on what I've heard.
Rating: B-

Now for the beauty. Their new album released today (yesterday in South Korea).

From left to right: T.O.P, Seungri, Daesung, G-Dragon (
leader), Taeyang

Bringing You Love.
Now. The entire album is amazing. I've never been so satisfied with a Korean album in my life. No joke. Not even DBSK's. There is always one song on each of DBSK's album that I like a TINY bit less than the others.

BUT NO! Not this one.
1. Intro.- Catchy and even though it's about 1:30 long, I've listened to it alot. It's a straight up popish song, and it's awesome.
2. Gara Gara Go!- From one of their singles, it fits amazing into this album. It's a great way to open up the album! With it's smooth beat and interesting lyrics, it makes me really happy.
3.Bringing You Love- Probably one of my favorites off of the album. It's their cover song, and I think it's amazing. It's borderline ballad and pop. I find myself bouncing to it and swaying my head side to side. I love it.
4. My Heaven- I know I said I didn't really like this song, but I said it was my LEAST favorite. Doesn;t mean I didn't like it. But the way it was positioned in the album right after Bringing You Love, it makes the song so much better.
5. Stay- The ballad of the album, and can I say that's it's amazing. Also one of my favorites. I listened to it all night on repeat and fell asleep. I could hear Taeyang's voice in it and Daesung harmonizing. This song fits them perfectly, and I highly recommend it. This song shows off their vocal abilities really well, and they all sound great.
6. Top of the World- Well. You already know what I'm going to say about this. Probably my favorite song from Big Bang. This song, positioned after a ballad and before the upbeat song 'Follow Me' is amazing. WOW WOW nani mo ira nai yo, I miss you TOP OF THE WORLD!!! The song has great meaning, and I love this song a lot.
7. Follow Me- At first I didn't really like this song. It was okay, and I was iffy about it. But after listening to it (right now) I'm really impressed. Big bang took a lot of time into where to position their songs, and I think it really paid off. LOVE.
8. Baby Baby- Ahhhh. I remember this song when it came out in Koeran. They remade it in Japanese, and its as amazing as ever. "I don't wanna be without you girl..." SIGH. This song is a ballad popish song as well, and I really like it a lot. I like the Korean version better, but the Japanese version is as refreshing to listen to.
9. Emotion- Everyone says that the opening sounds like Poker Face. Um. I don't think so. I compared the two, and I think that they sound nothing alike. Stupid Americans. TT_TT
Anyway, I thought that the chorus was anticlimactic at first, but it really grew on me. "All of the emotionnnnn..." Yeah. The soft voice made me happy. Also a favorite.
10. Love Club- Probably my least favorite on the album, but of course, the way it's positioned in the album is a nice quick break from all the amazingness to a more upbeat R&B song. I still like it of course.
11 Always- The Japanese version. Ahhhhh~ I always loved this song. It helped me fall asleep. Very very relaxing and awesome. Man, this song gets better the longer you listen to it. A very nice way to end the album. Very nice.

Man. This album was amazing. I'm listening to it again right now. <3
Rating: A+
Words can not describe now awesome this album is. I recommend you get it. You WILL NOT be sorry. It's so great. It's just....I'm at a loss of words how beautiful it is. Just get it.

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