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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Huang Yida

Huang Yida (traditional Chinese: 黃義達; simplified Chinese: 黄义达; pinyin: Huang Yi Da; Born August 11, 1979) is a Singaporean singer and song writer. He has released 4 major albums on Sony Taiwan. His song "Chou Nan Ren" (Jerk) was the opening theme for the Taiwanese drama, Devil Beside You. Another song of his, "Set Me Free", was the theme song for the Chinese version of the movie Stealth. He graduated from the Lee Wei Song School of Music. His long-awaited fourth album "Dedicated to Myself" 写给自己的歌 was officially released on 28th Nov 2008.

One of the most popular and loved Taiwanese dramas of all time. Devil Beside You. Starring Mike He, Rainie Yang and Kingone Wang.
I LOVED it. And this is also the song that made Huang Yida famous; Chou Nan Ren (Jerk)

Sorry I didn't post much. I've gotten addicted to Bleach recently, and I only have a limited time before my parents come home and make me do homework.

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