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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2PM Leader Jaebeom has quit. Are you happy now, Anti-fans?

Before departing, Jay "JaeBeom / Jaebum" Park gave his final interview- beginning with, “What can I possibly say?” He went on to declare how sorry he was to the 2PM members who trusted and followed him, along with his loving fans. He continued on, “I’m sorry that I have to leave like this. I decided to leave 2PM but I wasn’t able to carry out my duties as a leader and have become a burden to the group.”

Many have commented on Jay’s solemn face, stating how this situation has affected him; his face showcases the stress he has been enduring and his voice was also low. He repeated the words, “I’m sorry” a number of times and could not hold his head up.

To ensure the safety of his fans, Park quietly entered a gate different than the one on his ticket, and the fans who later realized this could not hide their disappointment. Many fans even rushed to the 3rd floor restaurant and pushed up against the glass wall to view his final moments in Korea.

He left because about 3 or 4 years ago he talked about his hardships in Korea and how he thought Korea was really difficult sometimes. This insulted people and Jaebeom got a lot of shit from anti fans. Some even had a "Jaebeom should commit suicide" petition, which 3000 people signed. The stress level
Jaebeom said that he could no longer carry out his role as a leader and is returning to the United States.
May God Bless Him. I'll pray for him.
I'm crying for you Jaebeom. I love you. Be happy, be safe.

Jaebeom's message

Hello. This is Jaebeom from 2PM. I’m sorry to give a last farewell with this message. With that very apologetic heart I have, it seems it is hard for me to see everyone on stage again.”

I’m very sorry to everyone. I’m even more sorry to fans who have gave so much love. I will be leaving 2PM from today. I’m so sorry but I have to leave 2PM and you guys because I have been a leader hyung who not only did not give strength but became a burden. I’m once again sorry.”

My heart cries for him. SERIOUSLY. I was in a state of shock before going upstairs in the fetal position and crying for about 2 hours.
Former 2PM leader, Jaebeom...or I guess we should now say Jay Park, has left Korea. The fallen star left Korea on September 8th, 2009 on an afternoon flight at Incheon Airport with over 500 fans literally screaming, crying, and begging for him not to go.
After seeing Jonghun of F.T.Island show his support for JaeBeom, we now have Boom, 2AM's Jo Kwon, and fellow 2PM members showing their support as well.

Boom, who became close to all the members of 2PM especially JaeBeom on the show Idol Army expressed his sadness over JaeBeom's departure from 2PM.

He posted on his cyworld:

"My heart is hurting very much
My heart feels like it’s being torn apart because he is a dongseng that I love
Because I believe and love my dongseng I believe that he will return with a better appearance
Today my heart is hurting very much
Jaebeom, hyung will work harder so that when you return I can protect and hug you with a warmer embrace
Please return healthy………
I love you……………..

This brought tears to my eyes because it was very touching. Knowing they had such a great bond makes the situation more depressing than it already is.

Jo Kwon, who practiced with Jaebeom when they were both trainees expressed his grief on his cyworld:

The first song we practiced together..
We felt nervous and excited..

I always pray.
That it won't be such a hard journey..

I believe you will get stronger
because you're my brother.

Of course you can't forget JaeBeom's fellow members. They wrote on their cyworlds too.


Through the wind, fall came.
Out of nowhere, the fall scent has arrived....
The bright blue sky
It keeps making me cry.
Even the sky is making me cry
in the fall of 2009.

His background music on his cyworld is Bad News by Kanye West.


Let's walk together.

And I think Boom's made me cry the most.
Our poor Jaebeom. I can't express my sadness right now. I feel numb from crying so long and my hands are trembling even as I type this. May Jaebeom be forever remebered.


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  1. i cant believe this damn korean anti fans thay should go and die
    i 2 believe that jay will come back better than ever just give em time