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Asian to the Max

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pretty boys/scruff/messy hair.

I don't even know. Maybe I like scruffy Asians. Sure, they're attractive, but I don't see them THAT way (I already got me a boyfriend). BUT, I noticed that all the Asian guys I think are attractive have some thing in common. They're either: pretty boys, scruffy guys or guys with messy hair. I don't even know. I couldn't tell you why. Oh well. A bad storm has been RAGING over here and I think we've gone through the worst of it. WISH ME LUCK. <3~

The guy in black and white is So Ji Sub, the actor in Cain and Abel. And while we're briefly on the topic, I'm enjoying it very much. The part that made it interesting is the part when the main character gets amnesia. And, NO. THAT IS NOT CLICHE. This is only the second time I've seen amnesia, and that says A LOT because I've seen TONS and TONS of dramas. Lee Cho In (his actual name) thinks he's Oh Gang Ho, brother of Oh Kwang Ho. Unfortunately, though Kwang Ho is the only one that cares for him. And this is short lived when Kwang Ho gets stabbed and then commits suicide. Cho In's life sucks. I MEAN, REALLY.
--> His dad is in a coma.
--> His mother hates him. I mean, like, HATE.
--> His older brother, Lee Seon Woo doesn't care about him at all. He didn't even care when someone ordered to kidnap Cho In, his younger brother, and shoot him in the head. When he learns that Cho In might still be alive, he thinks, "I hope you aren't. Don't make me kill you again." I mean, WTF?
--> Since he gets amnesia (I mean, wouldn't you after surviving getting shot in the head?), Oh Kwang Ho takes care of him and even calls him his brother. Then, Cho In and Kwang Ho get betrayed and Kwang Ho gets stabbed. In the end he shoots himself so he won't be a burden for Cho In.
I mean, REALLY? Can ANYONE'S life get any shittier?