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Monday, July 27, 2009

Asian Beauty and Cain and Abel

I feel obligated to post to my blog everyday. If I don't, I'm a slacker. We'll start out with this.
I find this model absolutely gorgeous. Du Juan is her name, and I think she is stunning.

Another blog on here has much more than this, so please check them out--->

Second, there's this drama I'm watching now. It's called Cain and Abel. The only reason I wanted to watch this was because of the name and the actor. So Ji Sub just returned from his 2 year service in South Korea and was welcomed back with open arms. This is his first drama since 2004 when he was enlisted into the army.

Of course, we all know the story of Cain and Abel. Cain is jealous of the younger brother because of how much he has and how everyone loves him, blah blah. The older brother (left) is Lee Seon Woo, and the younger (right) is Lee Cho In. What I found interesting was the actual OPPOSITE it starts out as. The mother (COMPLETE BITCH) hates Cho In and hates to look at him. The dad is in a coma from emphysema or something. And while I was a-browsin for pictures, I came across a very interesting one.

I mean, WHOA. WTFx2. So, apparently the older guy like, ADORES his younger brother in the beginning. (Note Cho In's expression like he thinks his older brother is going to rape him. ALSO notice Seon Woo's expression. INCESTUAL?) But Seon Woo loved this chick for a long time and she told him "I won't come to you unless you're a doctor," or something. SO, he became a doctor and then left without a word for 7 years. SO. The chick moved on and became a ballad singer and confessed her love (on air) that she loved Cho In, NOT Seon Woo. I mean, WTF?
So, Seon Woo gets pissed at his younger bro, and has him kidnapped and shoots him in the head. I mean, then what the hell is the hug for, you jackass?
So, the younger brother survives and comes back looking shady and suspicious. An the older brother finds out and it all goes horror like from there. Not in a bad way, but literally SCARY. The older brother falls of his rocking horse and goes to any means necessary to kill his younger brother. The acting is very good in this and I'm very impressed.

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